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What Materials Are not able to Go in the Skip?

After you appear to rent a skip you have to be aware about what it’s that you’re about to set in it. Whilst the popular perception may very well be that they are a container constructed to get absent any waste materials you have on internet site, you’ll find generally many recommendations attached by the employing business regarding exactly what is and isn’t really permitted.

Generally speaking, a skip is simply developed to get typical waste products. That can be rubble from the making task, cuttings from intensive gardening or aged home furnishings and cupboards from the residence clearance. Basically should you would toss it in your bin, a skip will tackle it.

The trouble occurs though whenever you have elements that would be defined as ‘specialist waste’. These normally include something that is definitely regarded dangerous or won’t be able to be disposed of in a conventional refuse internet site. What exactly could these be?


Even though this is not a product usually found in most modern day buildings, when gutting out more mature homes you can often discover asbestos deposits. Because of the potentially harming character of asbestos it calls for specialist handling and certainly shouldn’t be thrown in with common waste materials.

Solvents and Paint

No matter if you have got a surplus of paint, glue, varnish or even a cleaning agent, you must come across an appropriate means of disposing of it. There are actually a number of web-sites which are outfitted to deal with this kind of liquids and you simply ought to appear to go to these alternatively than hoisting it in a skip.


This can be a tough 1, but government legislation stipulates that you could toss away televisions, pc shows and diverse other electrical merchandise. This is all blanketed underneath the WEEE directive in britain together with other governments in the course of the globe have their own personal interpretation. Nonetheless, when it comes to skip retain the services of, most organizations won’t be willing to get any these types of equipment.

Cooking area Home appliances

If you’ve obtained an previous freezer then don’t hoist it right into a skip. They are yet another merchandise that demand professional disposal and can bring on the hiring company refusing to collect the skip or like a further cost towards your all round monthly bill.


Specifically with bigger motor vehicle batteries, specialist disposal solutions should be sought. Since they include some really risky chemical substances and obviously are not biodegradable, you cannot consign it to landfill and thus it won’t be recognized by most skip retain corporations both.


Perhaps you’ve bought a surplus of outdated tyres on website and also you need to dispose of them, properly a skip isn’t really likely to be the solution in your case. Once more, these will likely not decompose and consist of harmful parts which can make them hazardous, notably if incinerated. Outdated tyres can very easily be recycled and there are actually a complete host of firms who will fortunately take them off your hands and use the rubber to build new designs.

In order you are able to most likely previously tell, skip retain isn’t really possibly as clear-cut while you may have 1st thought. You will need to be conscious of anything that you just throw away and don’t just presume that it can be taken absent and disposed of with your behalf without spending a dime.

Some skip seek the services of businesses will even charge a levy for separating recyclable merchandise from the typical waste materials, and that means you can visualize that whenever they explore enormous amounts of harmful waste products there will be a reasonable total to pay for being a consequence. As beforehand mentioned, some skip retain the services of companies may well even refuse to gather the waste products if it does have a variety of products and solutions that it deems as hazardous or contravenes their codes.

The answer to that is to easily be sure that you will be entirely conscious from the specific firm’s rules before you go on and retain a skip. When you are prone to have got a couple products that might be defined as ‘hazardous’ guarantee that you search for alternate disposal procedures. A lot of skip seek the services of organizations should be able to stage you in the right course in case you talk to them; they might even supply the assistance on their own.

Principles will differ from organization to enterprise, so just remember that some will likely be additional accepting of other kinds of waste than many others. Should you be worried, just ensure that you examine it with them 1st and look at tips on how to steer clear of concerns on your skip hire.